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A Countertop is a work surface in lavatories, bathrooms, and any type of workroom. The horizontal work surface can also be found in the kitchen where it offers a great tool for meal preparation.

Otherwise called bench top, counter top, or kitchen bench, this piece of work surface is more often than not installed on cabinets where it can be effectively used for whatever purpose it is designed for.

Most countertops are made of stone. This explains their unusual durability and attractiveness.

Let’s take a look at the three types of stones (Granite, Quartz, & Quartzite) used for making Countertops.

Stones for making countertops

We make awesome countertops from granite, quartz, and quartzite and are one of the leading companies to do that in Feasterville,PA. Each of these materials has its distinct qualities that give the countertop its unique properties.

Here is short video explaining different types of countetops materials.

  1. Granite

Granite is an ingenuous rock found in different forms around the globe. The hard rock is renowned for its over 100 attractive colors and impressive durability, attributes that make it one of the best materials for countertops.

The term, granite, is a Latin word, granum, which means grain. No wonder, then, that large and small crystal grains are the components of granite. It contains minerals like feldspar, silicates, and quartz.

As proof of its durability, most granites don’t scratch, not even when they are cut. They are resistant to scratch by coins, keys, and other hard objects that can naturally scratch most objects. The stone also has a high resistance to heat; it won’t be affected by heat up to 1,200 oF. That’s a great deal, you will agree.

While using countertops in your kitchen, they will be exposed to acids from vinegar, lemons, and a couple of cleaning products during maintenance. You don’t have to lose sleep over this because granite is resistant to such acids.

Granite also ensures that you don’t have to deal with etching while using countertops made of granite, one of the several reasons the stone is commonly used by us.

  1. Quartz

Quartz is another durable stone material of choice for Countertops. As the most abundant stone, quartz can be found in different parts of the world, making it a readily available countertop material.

As a hard stone, quartz is resistant to chemical and mechanical weathering, two actions that may reduce its durability. Stains and acidic foods also have no hold on it because it can easily stand up to them, giving you the confidence that you can prepare different types of food on the countertop without risking ruining its beautiful appearance and durable attribute.

These attributes make quartz a very durable material for countertops. The durability makes it available in different places such as river, beach, desert sand, and what have you.

Quartz exists in a wide range of colors. However, its commonest colors are white, purple, clear, and yellow. It is not uncommon to see pink, brown, red, green, or black quartz. Feasterville Granite, Quartz, & Quartzite leverages the availability of different color to make countertops that will complement your kitchen and bring out its beauty.

While some versions of quartz are transparent, don’t be surprised to see translucent versions too. Either of the two options gives you the desired transparency level you want for your countertop.

A common downside of quartz in the past was the uniform pattern that didn’t make it look like real stone. However, manufacturers have succeeded in creating natural irregularity in this stone, making it look like granite.



  1. Quartzite

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that occurs naturally in nature. It is a product of the subjection of sandstone to extreme pressure and heat in the earth crust. The resulting stone from the compression is then mined and cut into usable slabs for making countertops.

Quartzite is available in different colors ranging from white to gray. Ones with a touch of iron oxide can be red or pink. The presence of other minerals in the stone can give it a shade of different colors such as green, yellow, orange, and blue. Thus, quartzite is the best stone if you want natural color.

Quartzite is more durable than granite because it is harder than it. It has impressive resistance to heat, another characteristic that supports its durability. By combining its durability with its different shades of color, quartzite remains a great stone for making long-lasting and attractive countertops.

We use these materials to make the best countertops in the country. The company uses the best technology to enhance the natural attributes of these stone to make lasting and attractive countertops for general uses.

If you wish to give your kitchen or any other place a facelift with countertops as a Feasterville resident, Feasterville Granite, Quartz, & Quartzite Countertops will offer you countertops in different colors, sizes, shapes, and for different purposes.



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