If you talk to an expert in kitchen countertop installation in Philadelphia, you’ll probably find that one of their most popular products is marble countertop. Marble kitchen countertops have remained in high demand for years because they offer a combination of beauty and functionality that few materials are able to match. If you are looking to redesign your home with the best kitchen countertops in South Jersey, don’t count marble out of the running!

One of the top reasons that marble has remained so popular for so long is because the material’s beauty is unmatched. The igneous rock comes in a wide range of colors; from pink to classic white and springtime green to midnight black, marble countertops can accommodate nearly any kitchen style with a complimentary palette. The formation of the rock results in a milky, subtle pattern that’s been admired for centuries for its uniqueness; no two slabs of marble are alike, so you are guaranteed to have a special kitchen that’s as personal as you are.

Marble countertops aren’t just good looking- they’re also excellent at taking all the heat you can dish out. Marble is porous, meaning that heat is easily absorbed by the air pockets integrated into the material. This also means that the countertop is not easily damaged by heat; unlike wood and other types of counters, a hot pot of pan would need to be left on the counter for a very long period of time to cause any kind of marring. This is also the reason why marble is such a popular material for fireplaces; the material is great at taking the occasional spark.

Whether you’re redecorating your home because you are looking to put it on the market or you’re just going for a new look, marble is one of the best countertop materials today. Offering a unique blend of fashion and function, marble might be your kitchen’s new best friend.

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