One of the newest countertop contenders stepping onto the home design scene is beautiful and elegant quartz countertops. Quartz countertops in Philadelphia have had a recent surge in popularity because they provide a number of unique options that homeowners looking to reinvent and modernize their kitchen love to see. If you’re considering kitchen countertop installation in Philadelphia to revive your kitchen, read on to learn a few of the reasons to consider quartz on your search.

  • Quartz offers a rainbow of gorgeous shades. Because quartz is a manufactured product, producers have much more freedom when it comes to changing the color of the material or creating a whole new shade entirely. As a result, quartz countertops come in a huge range of shades and offers many more color choices than competing materials like granite. The finish of quartz has been described as “luxurious,” and can be shined to create a rich and modern ending look that looks gorgeous in most every home.
  • Quartz is forgiving, yet firm. One common complaint that comes along with concrete and granite countertops is that the materials simply feel too hard for their kitchen and everyday use. Quartz offers the same durability as concrete and granite (meaning that it will not crack or chip easily) as well as providing a softer material that most people find more appealing than harder competitors.
  • Quartz is nonporous. Quartz is a non-porous material, which provides it a number of benefits when it comes to cooking. Non-porous countertop materials absorb heat much better, and will not burn or become damaged unless put under direct and extreme temperature conditions. It does not stain as easily as porous materials, meaning that wine, tomato juice, and sodas will not seep into the material. This can be a huge money-saver if you have children who can get a little bit messy in the kitchen!

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