4 Reasons Why Quartz Rules

4 Reasons Why Quartz Rules

When we hear the word “quartz” come up in regard to kitchen or bathroom countertops, oftentimes it’s in the context of whether it’s better or worse than granite. But this post isn’t about granite vs. quartz. We deal with both materials regularly, and love them equally. One isn’t better than the other—they’re just different.

Today we want to shed light on quartz. What is it anyway? Where does it come from? How is it different than granite? Should I get quartz instead of a different material? and so on. Sure, there are a lot questions to ask. You’re probably feeling confused. But it’s OK, we’re here to answer them. Think of us as more than just a marble and granite company that serves Greater Philadelphia; think of us as your quartz therapists.

Let’s examine quartz and all of its glorious benefits.

  1. No Pores

That’s right, not even one. Actually, hold on, let’s double check… Confirmed. No pores. That means it won’t absorb the wine you spill on it, leading to a permanent stain. Its lack of capillaries means you don’t have to seal the stuff every year to protect it from potential devastating stains. Hooray.

  1. Brute Strength

Quartz is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of countertops. Although it’s never been the governor of California, the material is really, really strong. Most quartz countertops are made of a little over 90 percent quartz (go figure), with the other 7 percent, give or take a percent, involving a resin binder. And we all know there’s nothing dreamier than a strong, tan and handsome resin binder.

  1. Color Options

Quartz isn’t man made in the sense that twinkies are, but there’s more human manipulation involved in the material than there is in natural granite or marble—which is pretty much cut and shaped straight out of the quarry. But the unique process of making quartz counters means more control, especially when it comes to colors. Since color can be easily added to quartz during the manufacturing process, it tends to show much more vibrancy and consistency, both of which are important to homeowners who need their counters to match the rest of their space exactly.

  1. Easy Cleaning

After having quartz countertops for a while, you’ll probably forget what the word cleaning means. Cleaning quartz is easier than cleaning any type of natural stone, and the job can be completed faster than you can say soap, sponge and water.

So that’s the scoop on quartz. Sounds pretty neat right? Yeah? We’re glad to hear it! We knew you’d get along. But of course, as Montgomery County, PA’s leading marble and granite company, we have many other options available beyond quartz. Get in touch today to learn about our inventory!