Edge options

Cosmos Marble & Granite supplies, designs, fabricates and installs custom countertops.  With every countertop we include edge options.  The edges of natural stone and quartz countertops can be modified to enhance the look of your new countertops.  Here are some of the most popular countertop edge profiles available.

3cm Standard

3cm Square

3cm Bevel

3cm Half Bullnose

3cm Bullnose

3cm Upgrade

3cm Dupont

3cm Deep Ogee

3cm Ogee Bullnose

3cm Chiseled

4cm Standard Edges

4cm Square

4cm Bevel

4cm Half Bullnose

4cm Bullnose

4cm Upgraded Edges

4cm Ogee Flat

4cm Ogee Bullnose

4cm Double Ogee

Upgraded Mitered Edge

Mitered Edge