Granite Countertops Philadelphia PA

Arriving home to the luxury granite provides is an easy and efficient addition that can complement any Philadelphia home. Different stone colors and design textures from the granite, marble, mica, feldspar, and quartz can create beautiful flecks that seamlessly fit the taste and aesthetic of any room. The functional durability and beautiful designs and colors make granite countertops the ideal choice in any kitchen or bathroom. Though the price point of granite is greater than other materials, its durability and beauty make it a worthwhile addition to any kitchen that can last a lifetime and add to the value of your house.

Here is short video explaining different types of countetops materials.

Differences Between a Marble and a Granite Countertop

Whether you are looking for granite, marble, quartz or a different specialty stone, our staff can assist you in selecting a stone that fits within your budget. The showroom at Cosmos has many different products, with an especially large variety of marble and granite. Granite and marble slabs are both equally beautiful, desired materials. But each of the products have their own attributes. Weighing the pros and cons before picking one or the other for your surfacing job is vital.

There are several benefits of installing granite being its durability, beauty, heat resistance in kitchens and near ranges, and the ability to custom select the natural stone itself so that it may match the color schemes of any home. The toughness of granite also makes it ideal for kitchen projects because you will never have to worry about the stone getting marks from cooking or damage from hot pans.

Ready to Install The Counters of Your Dreams?

Whether you’re building a brand new PA home of your dreams or just completing some renewal projects to the Philadelphia home you’ve lived in for a while, it is our business to help. We have the slabs, knowledge, tools, customer service and experience to ensure that when we are finished, you are left with the counters you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today, and let one of our professionals walk you through choosing the ideal granite for your counters. Our company is located 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia PA for your convenience. Once you feel like you’ve found the right fit, we’ll schedule one of our professional installers to come to your home. If you want the job done right the first time, call Cosmos Marble and Granite! Phone: (215) 947-2820