Quartzite is a specific rock type which is a natural stone, made almost always by high temperature and pressure. It is its own category. There are many translucent white grains which are also ideal for quartz countertops in Montgomery County, PA. It is considered fairly close to but generally not quite as well as granite in toughness, cracking and dent resistance. Therefore, with Quartzite the characteristics of the specific piece of stone can vary a great deal, particularly since just like with marble it is a sensitive material.

Our company’s team has experience in fabricating and installing all kinds’ of countertops, especially Quartzite. If you are thinking about putting a Quartzite countertop in your living space, come visit our showroom where you can see displays of various Quartzite material.

Quartzite will complement the décor and surroundings in any space. The color selection we present is unlimited, and the beauty is unmatched. We install new countertops to homeowners in the Delaware County, Chester County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia, PA areas, as well as South Jersey.

When you choose this aesthetically pleasing and natural material, you’ll find many unique slabs and know that no two slabs are the same. With easy repairs and durability due to its hard structure, you’ll be pleased with your decision. Other benefits include resistance to scratching and staining, and the natural color won’t fade over the years.

Besides helping NJ and PA homeowners make their kitchen stand out, we serve Delaware, Maryland and New York State also.

“Great experience! We looked and found our stone, and had it installed in one week. Great professional installers and their experience shows.”

Professional Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a popular solution for a countertop since it mirrors the look of marble, yet has almost the same durability as granite. It is a popular selection when picking out countertops for your kitchen and/or bathroom. There are many exotic quartzite colors that will definitely liven up your space. With quartzite, your space can be given a much more contemporary and sophisticated look, qualities that many other granites lack in. It will also differentiate your kitchen from many other ones that have been seen before.

When you’re looking for quality slabs that transform the look of your kitchen, turn to Cosmos Marble and Granite. Whether you’re in South Jersey, or live in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, or Philadelphia in PA, we’re here to add flair to your kitchen.

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