Granite Countertops Warminster PA

Arriving home to the luxurious feeling granite provides your kitchen or bathroom is an addition that can be fitted easily and efficiently to any home. A plethora of stone colors and design textures within the marble, granite, mica, feldspar, and quartz can create amazing flecks and patterns that seamlessly fit the taste and aesthetic of any home. The functional durability and beautiful designs and colors makes granite a preferable choice in bathrooms and kitchens. Though the price point of greater than other materials, its beauty and durability make it a worthwhile investment in any bathroom or kitchen that, given the proper maintenance, can last a lifetime and add to the value of your home.

Here is short video explaining different types of countertops.

What To Expect With Our Expert Installation in Warminster PA 18974

The expert installation of your granite countertop can be just as important as the the selection of the slab’s design. Cutting, fitting, and leveling countertops are done with precision that the experts at Cosmos Marble and Granite have been doing hassle-free for years. Our customer service policy is to act as though your home were our own and treat it with respect and care. We pride ourselves in creating an easy and enjoyable experience while we elevate the rooms of your house with the highest quality granite counter. The installation process begins by viewing samples of stone slabs in the showroom where friendly team members will walk you through the process of cutting and installation of the granite while helping you to visualize the best patterns and color scheme to fit your kitchen or bathroom. For example, if the kitchen appliances are a specific color, or you have a certain color picked out for the room, chances are there is a granite slab that will be a perfect fit for the aesthetic of the room and home. Our company then takes that slab and cuts it to the specified measurements for the application. Prior to starting the installation, please make sure that there is a clear path to the work area and that kids and pets are kept away for their own safety. The team at Cosmos will check with you and get an authorization of the work plans prior to the installation begins. Additionally, the installation of granite countertops is a careful process, so staying out of your house during the process is ideal. The old kitchen or bathroom countertops that are being renewed need to be fully removed before the new countertop being carried into the house. After this, the staff will fit and caulk the joints, fastening the slab into place so that the final product is cohesive and beautiful. When the job is done, the team will use acetone to remove any excess epoxy and clean any sawdust from the floor. Then, the staff will leave you with proper care instructions for how to best care for your countertops so that they will last a lifetime.

Our Quality Materials

We choose our inventory is chosen for the quality and consistency, making the pattern and design of the stone countertops able to be specialized and set apart from those offered by other granite companies in the area. Since granite is a natural stone that is cooled, compressed magma, it ranks as one of the most hard and durable building material stones with only a harder stone being diamond. With proper installation and maintenance, granite can last a lifetime in your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re searching for durable flecked kitchen counter tops or color-coded flow of patterned granite in your bathroom, our business is to ensure the slabs are higher quality and will meet every need and desire for the aesthetic possible. Customer service is at the forefront of our attention and we aim to give service to the customer that is worthy of a positive review.

Differences Between Marble and Granite

Whether you need marble, granite, quartz or a different specialty stone, we can help you select a natural stone that is within budget. The showroom at Cosmos hosts many different samples of stone, with an especially large array of marble and granite. Granite and marble are both equally beautiful, desired materials. But every slab has its own attributes. Weighing the pros and cons prior to choosing one or the other for your surfacing job is imperative.

Advantage of Granite

There are several benefits of installing granite countertops being their durability, beauty, ability to resist heat near ranges and in kitchens, and the ability to custom select the natural stone itself so that it may match the colors and pattern schemes of any home. The toughness of granite also makes it perfect for kitchen projects because you will never have to think about the stone getting stains from cooking or damage from hot pans.

Ready to Install The Counters of Your Dreams?

If you’re constructing a new home of your dreams or just completing some renewal projects to the PA home you’ve lived in for a while, it is our business to help. Cosmos is a family owned and operated business. Our team has the expertise, equipment, customer service and experience to make sure that when we are all done, you are left with the counters you have always desired. Give us a call, and schedule a time to allow one of our professionals guide you through choosing the ideal granite for your counters. Our company is located 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia – just 20 minutes outside of Warminster PA for customer convenience. Once you feel like you’ve found the right fit, we’ll schedule one of our professional installers to come to your home. If you want the job done right the first time, call Cosmos Marble and Granite! Phone: (215) 947-2820