What Sink is Right for Me?

What Sink is Right for Me?

While Cosmos excels at helping you find the perfect countertops to accentuate your kitchen, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold when it comes to finding the perfect sink to put in those beautiful Cosmos marble and granite countertops.

Do you want a single basin or a dual basin, and what about the material? Stainless steel, porcelain, granite, or natural stone are all options. While some of those are certainly purely aesthetic, they’re plenty of practicality when choosing a sink.

The Material

After you’ve visited cosmosmg.com and chosen the perfect granite countertop for your home renovation, or your entirely new home, you can certainly choose to couple it with a granite sink. You could even go as far as to visit one of your nearby granite suppliers and peruse your options, and maybe even have one custom made.

Granite sinks are hard to scratch, and the particles and polymers tend not to show water spots, either. So these are a great choice if you live somewhere with hard water. Do take note, though, they can stain, and require special maintenance.

Porcelain is the classic choice, but they’re prone to chip and metal pans can leave difficult-to-remove scuff marks. Still, if your kitchen decor is aiming for a vintage aesthetic, then a porcelain sink will match it perfectly.

Another classic option, stainless steel matches virtually any kitchen aesthetics, from vintage to modern and everything in between. They’re nearly indestructible, but they’re prone to water spots, which may be especially troublesome if you live somewhere with hard water.

Lastly, natural stone sinks are another great compliment to the sinks that Cosmos can provide, but these sinks aren’t cheap and can easily scratch or chip.

Basin Business

From one large basin to a 60/40 split or a 50/50 split, or even three basins of varying sizes, your basin choice will largely come down to the practicality.

Large single basins are the most popular choice and will allow plenty of room to soak dishes and clean the largest pans. They won’t leave you much room for versatility, but if that’s not a concern, then perfect.

If you still want some of the benefits of a single large basin, but still want to be able to juggle your fresh vegetables, then a 60/40 split might be for you. Go for 50/50 if symmetry is your thing. You can even consider getting 3 basins, with two similar sized ones, and a small one in the center with a garbage disposal. It can be nice to separate the disposal, but you won’t be able to simply push scraps off the counter.

General Design

Lastly comes the look. Farmhouse sinks are typically a single basin but feature an apron front for a classic look loved by many. Since it comes closer to the counter edge (and can even protrude past it), Farmhouse sinks are great for children and those of smaller stature. Ultimately, though, a farmhouse sink is purely an aesthetic choice. They come in single or 50/50 basin designs.

Rounded sinks aren’t simply an aesthetic choice; the curved edges make for much easier cleaning. If the curved edges don’t mesh at all with your design sense, then you can also find these types of sinks with angular edges along the top, and it’s only the bottom edges that are rounded – the spots where you’re more likely to clean.

These are just the basic options, too. These days, more and more homeowners are opting for more specialized designs to allow more and more kitchen work to happen at the sink, from cutting to cleaning to everything in between, but this can cause your sink to take up a lot of counter space, so if you’re pressed for room, scratch this off the list.

Ultimately, though, your sink comes down to 50% practicality, and 50% aesthetic preference. But first, , you’ll need a counter to put it in, and Cosmos can definitely help with that.