What’s the Deal With Soapstone?

What’s the Deal With Soapstone?

What’s the Deal With Soapstone?

Ah, yes. Soapstone. The natural stone that everyone’s talking about. Obviously it’s the most sought after countertop material for homeowners across the nation. Much more popular than granite and marble!

All right, so maybe not so much…

BUT, soapstone should be discussed more, because it actually rocks. It’s unique, naturally stunning and affordable compared to other more popular options; it’s truly a stand up material with no catch.

Soapstone may be the best kitchen countertop option for your South Jersey< home. Here’s why.

It’s Been Around for a Long Time

Humans have capped their counters with soapstone for thousands of years; ever since the Ancient Assyrians invented the toaster oven. After a brief decline in popularity caused by the Ancient Greeks (who were way too obsessed with marble), the Romans re-popularized soapstone around the same time they popularized the built-in microwave. The rest is history!

Many great things are great because they’ve withstood the test of time, and soapstone is absolutely one of them (as is wine, cheese, democracy, the prenup, Mick Jagger). To this day, soapstone evokes a timeless rustic feel, not dissimilar to our perceptions of what life was like in the olden days (pre-iPhone 4) when it was first used. At this point, it’s safe to say that soapstone is not a fad, nor will it go out of style anytime soon.

You Have Options

Sure, soapstone gives you options, lots and lots of options, but before you start gearing up to pick out a slab of lime green or neon pink, know that they are limited to a grayscale. Its rich dark hues are what make soapstone unique and beautiful, though, and if you’re looking at purchasing some in the first place, you’re probably in the market for a redesign that aesthetically calls for dark countertops anyway.

The nice thing about that grayscale is that it’s neutral, and will go with just about anything else in your new kitchen or bathroom.


(Here’s an example of black soapstone, which is typically the most widely used color. Note how it wonderfully complements the white cabinets.)

It’s Low Maintenance

He seems pretty high maintenance but your soapstone counters definitely won’t be that needy. Since it’s not porous, you won’t need to treat it as heavily as you do other natural stones that are susceptible to bacteria. However, soapstone is very soft, which means it does scratch, which means it will be smart to invest in a nice big cutting board or butcher block island.

Median Price Range

You’ll be jumping (err, flailing?) for joy to know that soapstone is affordable. If granite is a Camry and Marble is a Mercedes, then soapstone is something like an Audi—or the luxury edition Camry with all the bells and whistles. Comparable in price to high end granite, soapstone is in the middle of the road of natural stone options from a pricing perspective.

All in all, soapstone is great, It’s relatively cost effective, sturdy, non-porous, heat resistant, easy to maintain and naturally gorgeous. But keep these things in mind:

  • No crazy color availability
  • Soft, therefore susceptible to scratching
  • Comes in smaller slabs than marble, granite or quartzite
  • Picky about what cleaning treatments it gets
  • You may want to oil for a certain look, but that’s not necessary

Whether you’re in the market for soapstone, marble, granite or quartz countertops in your South Jersey home, you can count on us to get the job done beautifully and right. We look forward to hearing from you!