Does it Matter What Edge I Pick

Cosmos Marble and Granite Edges

Does it Matter What Edge I Pick

When remodeling your kitchen even a decision as small as what edge to get on your Cosmos Marble and Granite countertops can have a significant impact on the look of your kitchen. The edge that you choose should depend on whether or not your countertops are a major focal point in the kitchen. If you’re creating a huge gorgeous island that is going to be the focal point of the kitchen then the edge that you choose should really stand out to make the island a real attention getter.

But if you’re going to make the tile, the sinks, or other elements that focal point of the kitchen then the edge that you choose for your island and countertops should be a sleek edge that will make the countertops and the island blend into the kitchen design seamlessly so that they don’t take the attention away from the main focal point.

The right edge will enhance your kitchen design and not stand out unless you want the countertops and island to be the focal point. If you want a kitchen that looks effortlessly stylish and reflects your personal design taste choosing the right edge for your countertops and island will pull the rest of the kitchen design together and create a unique but cohesive look.

What Are The Best Edges?

If you are choosing a traditional kitchen design and you want your countertops and island to have a traditional look even though they are made from modern materials the best edge choices are classic edges. Some of the most popular classic and traditional edge types include bullnose or half bullnose or quarter round edges. Dupont and Ogee edges are also popular choices for homeowners that love a traditional and subtle look.

Homeowners who prefer a more contemporary and stylish look typically pick either a bevel or flat polish edge. These types of edges will fit in with a modern kitchen look better than the bull-nose or quarter round edge types.

And homeowners who want to really highlight their luxurious countertops or showpiece kitchen island usually choose a splashier edge like the marine edge, the double bevel, or the double quarter round. A marine edge is a perfect choice for countertops or islands that are going to be used by someone that cooks a lot because the marine edge will ensure that no liquids fall off the countertop. A mitered drop apron edge is a fantastic choice if you want your countertop or island to have a rustic or industrial look that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the stone.

Custom Edges

If you are creating a unique custom design for your kitchen and you want custom edges that will fit into your personal design Cosmos will be happy to help you select a custom edge. You can look through all of the designs on to get inspiration and then talk to one of our talented staff to come up with the perfect edge for your countertops or island.