Home Advice for Newlyweds: DIY Bathroom Project

Home Advice for Newlyweds: DIY Bathroom Project

Home Advice for Newlyweds: DIY Bathroom Project

This is the second installment in a series of articles that offer advice to newlyweds and new homeowners. Read the first article here, and keep on the lookout for more write-ups!

Hooray, the kitchen is done! Good work. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy everything that your new home has to offer. Until you have to go to the bathroom, that is…

What a nightmare!

Don’t flush your peace of mind down the toilet, because there is hope. With an array of easily-accomplished little DIY projects at your fingertips, you and your partner can get the powder room looking great on the cheap! Let’s go over a few ideas that we think will make the bathroom look like a million bucks, without costing nearly that much:


A little lighting goes a long way, and if you do it right you’ll be oohing and aahing at your beautiful self in the mirror all day. But before you get caught up in a Narcissus type of situation, why don’t we get some lights installed. LEDs are all the rage these days because they shine bright and last virtually forever. Find a salvaged chandelier, hang it from the ceiling and voila! A gorgeous, brightly lit bathroom space. Also consider new lights surrounding the mirror.

Bathroom Vanity

Whether your vibe is shabby chic or distinguished classic, installing a bathroom vanity for your sink, counter and storage space is a fantastic idea. They’re relatively affordable, and as your go-to marble and granite installers, we’ll take care of its countertop! You can purchase prefabbed vanities online, but with a little elbow grease and wherewithal, you can also find a beautiful salvaged piece and convert it yourself!

Don’t Forget About the Walls

In the last article, we talked about the value of kitchen wall space for storing pots and pans. Let’s apply that same ideology to the bathroom. With a few two-by-fours, some varnish and right angle mounting brackets, you can install great looking shelves on your bathroom walls for way less than $100. Plus, they’ll look great!

As a premier marble and granite company serving Bucks County, PA and nearby areas, we’re often asked for home remodeling advice. Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about DIY remodeling projects, and we’re glad to share them with you. Take a gander at our selection of inventory, and keep checking back for more tips. Good luck!