How to Match New Counters With Backsplash

How to Match New Counters With Backsplash

So you’ve picked out your counter material. Great! Maybe you’re going with quartz countertops for your Delaware County, PA home, or something more traditional like marble or granite. Whatever you choose, rest assured that by allowing us to help, the outcome will be stunning. Thanks for trusting us!

But as you know, your kitchen redesign doesn’t end with the counter material selection. While it’s exciting to pick out all of the new things to make your kitchen look modern and beautiful, matching this with that can get…tricky; to say the least.

Fear not, because we’re here to help. Let’s go over the basics of matching the counters to what is arguably the second-most important aesthetic element of your kitchen—the backsplash.

Let’s Start With the Backsplash

Ah, yes, backsplash. Picking the right one is a whole to-do apart from the counter selection process in and of itself, and it’s important that you get matching your choices right. The first step is obvious, yet often overlooked: Don’t make selecting counters and backsplash two separate events. You may pick out two great styles that you love, but don’t go well together. That can easily be avoided by comparing your selections before purchasing and installing. But what comes first; the backsplash or the counters? That’s a matter of preference…

Many people prioritize their countertops, since they’re more functional and expensive than the backsplash. If you’re following suit, the key to success is found in taking advice from your taste and personality. A person with conservative taste will want a much different combination than someone of a bolder or brighter persuasion. Take a chunk of the countertop stone with you to select the backsplash, and compare and contrast right there in real time. It doesn’t hurt to take a design-savvy friend along for the ride, either.

There are myriad recommendations we can make as to specific backsplashes that match with specific countertops, all of which we can’t come close to covering in one post.

With that said, since granite is one of our most popular materials, let’s take a look at how to match it with backsplash. Your best bet is to pair the granite with neutral, or earthy backsplash tones. You have ample hues from which to pick, but it’s usually safe to keep them in the tan, brown and grey families. And since granite typically runs black, white or grey, a backsplash of the counter’s respective complementary shade can look stunning.

Needless to say, the options are virtually limitless, which means a bit of discipline in limiting yourself can go a long way. You know who you are, and your gut usually tells you the right thing to do, so trust it!

Whether we’re installing granite, marble, soapstone or quartzite countertops in your Chester County, PA home, know that you can trust us to give you the products that align with your best-interests. We look forward to working together!

Happy backsplashing.